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Street’s child

Maybe distractions of everyday life makes us forget what is happening in the world around us.
We may hear dozens of news stories and rumors, but they do not leave us a significant impact.

Photography is the most powerful weapon that tells us the truth. That can make us bounce back in anger, that can make the humanitarian ratio in us rise above the maximum. While the rest of mankind has disrupted their sensors and are no longer influenced by impact and leaves them unmoved.

These pictures are not only alarming or annoying, they can awaken people from dreams of illusion into reality.
To understand and perceive the dimensions and try to correct them and work to correct the causes. To make clearly that in order to make this planet recover, at least partially, from human deformity, these pictures tell the true stories of human cruelty to his fellow man.
It tells the details of the crime, the details of the torture and terror in childhood joy. A new generation who will be looking for a happy life.

The first step in changing any undesirable reality, is to vision the image of this reality clearly. You have to understand it as it is. Then you must work hard to draw an alternative and brighter image and submit this to the reality as much as possible.

Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, I am still activating in launching enormous potential of the role of the human image in my photographic work. To draw the world’s view towards the current humanitarian aches.

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