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About Me

I love Creative Resonance. It’s like a drug.

Photography is where I find myself. I love making photos that create a shining moment of connection. I believe Photography is the most powerful weapon to tells us the truth that can make us bounce back in anger. I believe the first step in changing any undesirable reality, is to vision the image of this reality clearly and then you will understand it as it is.

I try always to work hard to draw an alternative and brighter image and submit this to the reality as much as possible. I’m inspired by raw instances, moments of aspiration and cultural gallivanting from the war in the city of Aleppo, it’s where I learned how to dodge lead guns and missiles while clicking a shutter.

I enjoyed a short stint in the beautiful city of Istanbul where I realized that it was too difficult for me to make a living there. Post Turkey, I journeyed to Holland to dry out the long soggy months of my Istanbul days. Currently, I can be found dodging taxis on my bicycle in my new hometown The Hague City, exploring new cultures in a far off country, or chowing down on delicious food while sipping on an exquisite craft cocktail.

I have been living in The Hague in since January 2016 as a Refugee and I started leading workshops entitled with TECS international Organization, Back2Life. This is a workshops are given to children up to the age of 11 years. These young children will be mentored by older children (up to the age of 16), under the supervision of women.

The assistant duty assigned to the older children helps them too, to positively channel their emotions and advance their integration into Dutch society. Through this program Syrian refugees are able to add value to their own communities and Dutch society by using available expertise within the group.

Recently I started working with Municipality of The Hague as Photojournalist in Department of Social Affairs and Employment Projects to Take photos of the major events of the city, Also created stories for some photo events and news stories.

Doing photography of the hard happenings and the on scene stories. and created photo effects by making a documentary of photos. Managed a library of different photos collected, Collected clear, high quality and truthful images for perfect news stories presentation.


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